Our Platform for our future today

Transport – Transit

To be an efficient, clean and healthy city Brampton must build a fully modern transit system that efficiently integrates public transportation (bus, rail) with foot, bicycle and

automobile traffic. This system must integrate seamlessly with Metrolinx and the broader GTA. Moving people and goods efficiently is a key element to a vibrant

responsive economy, clean environment and a healthy active population.

Good transit modernizes while protecting and enhancing the history and character of

our neighbourhoods, bringing people together, creating opportunity.

Future Brampton

The Larry Beasley report lays out as comprehensive and strategic approach to the

future development of Brampton that must be implemented. Bruce is committed to

building a fully modern Brampton: clean, efficient, responsive to the needs of people,

families and enterprise – a Brampton where providing a high quality of life to all who live

here. We can build a better future.


We can inspire and empower our youth. An annual “Brampton Youth Possibilities
Conference” open to all Brampton youth would bring youth together with speakers,
facilitators, educators and employers to inspire their hopes and dreams and address the
challenges and barriers they face. Young people who are making a difference in their
communities and the world will talk about the possibilities that are open to young people
and provide models of hope.

This annual conference will be an annual touch point for local Brampton and Peel youth
organizations charged with the maintenance of youth empowerment year round.


Brampton needs ‘local radio’ and media to serve our community. Radio that reports on

and reflects our community (Chorus broadcasts from their Toronto lakefront HQ) .

Ajax has a radio station. As does Oakville. Oshawa has 3 radio stations. North Bay has

6 private radio stations. Kingston has 9, as does Sudbury. Barrie has 7 stations.

Brampton, the 9th largest city in Canada had its radio station shipped away to Toronto

and we need to restore ours in Brampton. Community connection and community

reflection are dependent on good sources of information about where we live.

Special congratulations is the recently established to Sauga Radio 960 AM. They seed

to do what Bruce seeks to do: bring our cultures together. Welcome to the dial!

Let’s better integrate our neighbourhoods, communicate with and inform each other.


Poverty is an insidious problem that hampers social and community progress. In

Brampton and Peel it is largely hidden from view but the costs, problems and pain are

real and fixable. Bold steps to chart a new course away out of poverty for seniors,

youth, those dealing with mental and physical impairment and others. Good housing,

child care, transportation and enhanced community support can make a difference that

will benefit our entire community.

Council Unity and Unanimity

Council members need not always agree with one another, but, what they must agree

to, is that everyone express opinions informed by their experiences, and respect their

colleagues as they do the same. The current fractious council serves nobody well –

least of whom – the Brampton tax payer.  The infighting, back biting and defamatory

innuendo has got to stop!

We can do better – much better.

Arts and Entertainment

In Arts and Entertainment, Brampton has a real opportunity to become a top industry

location in Canada! Brampton, however must act the part of leader, not merely playing

the role of bedroom city to Toronto.

The ‘Big Time’ is here. Resurrect the Brampton Arts Council and charge its’ members

with motivating the creation of a city dedicated to producing a top-quality Arts

environment in Brampton.

Open the Arts Council to the city. Have the council driven by volunteers committed to

growing the Arts and freed from rigid bureaucratic control.

Let’s start moving the arts forward in Brampton